Roberto Kusterle


Roberto Kusterle
Chorus (from the series: Dialogues of Nature), 2012


As I vacantly scanned my bookshelf this evening, I found a flyer advertising a photography exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was only a postcard I picked up in the capital last April while roaming the cafes and shops by the river, but it inspired a brief Google hunt for more of the Italian artist’s black and white photographs.


Birds have always represented something contradictory for me and Kusterle seems to play with this notion. This photograph shows birds as fragile and dependent on the human being , but the subject’s submissive position makes them appear dominant at the same time. I wonder what he is trying to say? Perhaps that humans have tried to separate themselves from nature with critical consequences?


This last photograph seems to be somehow different to the first two, it is evocative of a sculpture like the others, but this one doesn’t seem quite as frail. It hints at unity and something quite mythological – like a piece from ancient Greece perhaps. But still it’s hard to fathom completely. I love ambiguous photography like Kusterle’s, it’s fine art, photography and sculpture all at the same time and completely resists categories.

I’d love to know what others think…

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