Paris with my old digital camera…

Louvre, Paris, daytime

Girl in Louvre Reflection

Paris is the city for snapping. I wanted to share these photographs from a few years ago when my Nikon D6O was still but a dream. I like these photographs because they are incredibly raw and show the city as I really did see it at the time – wonky or not.

Paris, cafe, coffee

Café, Latin Quarter, Paris

As Parisians or visitors will know, the capital is full of quirky people with an incredible eye for hats, hair dos and thick rimmed spectacles. I especially like Paris when it’s freezing cold. Good looking people throw on thick and effortless layers that somehow look Vogue.

paris, bookshop

Bookshop after hours, Paris

On the Left Bank, or the Latin Quarter there’s hundreds of cafes with tables outside. I can still remember the steam rising from the espressos of Parisians reading the Metro first thing in the morning.

But for someone who loves books, Paris is the ultimate place for being inspired. I’d happily spend a whole week there, just walking around if I had enough money for a coffee.

I’ve often thought, why is Paris so captivating? It’s certainly not the romance of the French, who quite frankly, are incredibly blunt. I think Paris is the place that you can live out your story book fantasies.

Shakespeare Bookshop Paris

The Shakespeare bookshop, Paris

I went there shortly after graduating. My ambition was to live a beautiful life and I thought Paris would be the place I’d get a job in the Shakespeare bookshop, learn more French and fall in love.

Now while none of these things happened, except perhaps learning a little more café lingo, I found that Paris was a city that could capture your imagination with endless possibility. People seem to look a lot more, the cafés were set up for people watching and the galleries and firms had huge front windows ripe for peeping tourists.

Paris gallery

The Latin Quarter, Paris

I was even photographed by a man as I strolled down the bank of the river Seine, a man who waved and ran away. I was left imagining who he was for days, the best sort of memories are always full of possibility.

How did Paris affect you? I’d love to know.

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