A Review of Northern Ballet’s A Christmas Carol at the Marlowe Theatre

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Arriving fashionably late for our first ever ballet experience at the Marlowe Theatre had consequences. After rushing to receive our tickets for Northern Ballet’s performance of A Christmas Carol, we neglected the bar to plunge straight into the dark depths of the theatre in search of row R.

With the performance in full swing, we squeezed past the middle aged ballet groupies to locate our seats that couldn’t have been further in the centre of everyone. As we got stared at, my boyfriend couldn’t help but comment on how the new theatre had done away with a central aisle, meaning that every hapless schmuck would be forced to squeeze their way past those savvy enough to arrive on time.

Our first view of ballet framed Ebenezer Scrooge clipping Bob Cratchit ‘rawnd the ear’ as he tried to warm his hands and feet on a candle. Both in period costumes before…

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