Image Conscious is a blog by Chloe Boulton, a copywriter, thinker and artist. Chloe is interested in photography, travel and social media and is currently undertaking training in digital marketing. Chloe also has a Master’s Degree in English Literature and wants to become a digital marketing professional.

As a visual learner and lover of painting and photography, Chloe created this blog to share her thoughts on life through her own images and those of inspirational creative thinkers.


4 Responses to About

  1. Beautiful blog my sweet’eART.
    It is clear to see the passionate emotions behind your writing and I find the post about career and travel particularly apt. Keep it up! x

  2. Claude says:

    Si c’est en fait un bibliothèque, faut-il que je ramène que je lis?

    • chloeboulton says:

      Merci pour votre commentaire, «Bibliothèque» le nom a été choisi comme j’adore le mot! Aussi, il est une bibliothèque de pensée, il est tout à fait un nouveau blog pour le moment, mais il deviendra éventuellement une bibliothèque! J’espère que vous apprécierez ce blog, merci bien. Chloé

  3. Very good blogging Chlozzer. It does, however, seem that you have already made your mind up about travelling.

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